Core Team

Melinda Mills

Centre Director, Co-Leader Programme 4:


Melinda Mills, MBE, FBA

Centre Director, Nuffield Professor of Sociology (Oxford). Research spans genetics, computational demography, diversity, statistics, environmental measures, fertility, assortative mating.

Professor Mills's biography

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Jennifer Beam Dowd

Deputy Director, LCDS

Jennifer Beam Dowd

Deputy Director LCDS; Associate Professor Demography and Population Health (Oxford). Research spans bio-social science, mortality trends, social epidemiology, microbiome, infections & immune function

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British Academy Global Professor

Francis Dodoo

British Academy Global Professor, LCDS and Nuffield CollegeResearch spans gender, power and sexual decision-making, demographic and health outcomes associated with urban poverty, inequality issues among Africans in the diaspora, and building research capacity in Africa.

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Charles Rahal
Per Block
Co-Leader Programme 1: Digital & Computational Science







Associate Professor Social Demography (Oxford). Research spans migration, gender, mortality, ethnicity, digital demography, micro-simulation, agent-based models, big data.

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Departmental Research Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Social Data Science. Research spans demography, sociology, civic technology, applied econometric methods and inequality, typically with 'big' and\or unstructured data.

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Departmental Research Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Social Data Science. Research spans demography, sociology, civic technology, applied econometric methods and inequality, typically with 'big' and\or unstructured data.

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Liliana Andriano



Postdoctoral researcher. Research spans mortality, gender, education, spatial demography.

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Francesco Rampazzo

Francesco Rampazzo

Career Development Fellow in Marketing and Consumer Demography at LCDS and Saïd Business School. Research interests include digital and computational demography with applications in fertility, migration, transition to adulthood, and survey research.

Francesco Rampazzo's biography

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Senior research associate. Research interests include behavioral genetics, scalable digital phenotyping methods, and the integration of geospatial data.

Jose Manuel Aburto
Per Engzell

José Manuel Aburto



Newton Fellow at the Department of Sociology and LCDS (Oxford). Research spans population health, mathematical demography, health inequalities and ageing.

José Manuel Aburto's biography

Postdoctoral researcher. Research spans intergenerational mobility, origins of institutions, technological change.

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Postdoctoral researcher. Dr. Rotondi is a social scientist with training in applied economics and econometrics and a focus of research on development, and the interactions between population, development, and technological change. Over the next years, she plans to study the neuroeconomic implications of transitioning into parenthood

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Yan Liu



Kayla Schulte



Jiaxin shi b:w.jpeg

Jiaxin Shi

DPhil student in Sociology. Research focuses on the impact of social and environmental factors on cognitive function and how the impact might vary by genetic susceptibility. She is also interested in sex differences in health, health-care quality, health-care reform in China.

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DPhil in Sociology. Research focuses on the collection and communication of local air pollution data. She is also interested in the implementation of participatory research methods for local air quality management. 

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DPhil student in Sociology. Research interests include formal demography, population health, population aging, and social inequality.

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Xuejie Ding
Leo Azzollini



Postdoctoral researcher. Research adopts a biosocial approach integrating life course perspective and fundamental causes theory, to bridge the disjointed knowledge on contextual, social and biological influences on health.

Xuejie Ding's biography

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Postdoctoral Research Officer at LCDS, the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) at Oxford Martin School, and in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention (DSPI), (Oxford). Research interests include the interplay between socio-economic inequalities and demographic behaviour, with a geographic focus on OECD countries, and more broadly the causes and consequences of inequalities from different social-scientific perspectives, spanning sociology, demography, economics, and political science.

Leo Azzollini's biography

Bastian A. Betthäuser

Postdoctoral Researcher. Research focuses on social inequality, how it accumulates over the life-course, how it is transmitted across generations, and the effectiveness of public policies in reducing it.

Bastian Betthäuser's biography

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Romola Davenport

Senior Research Fellow (Cambridge). Research spans health geographies, 

historical demography, history of public health, urbanisation, 

historical epidemiology, infectious diseases in European societies 

c.1600 - 1945.

Romola Davenport's biography


Arun Frey

Postdoctoral researcher. Research spans migration, violence, and inequality, using methods from computational social science.




DPhil student in Sociology. Research interest focuses on bridging the gap between advances in statistical computing, notably from the domains of pattern recognition and machine learning, and classical empirical approaches predominantly applied within the social sciences.

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Sofia Gieysztor

Research is focused on age segregation and network demographics. Work at the Centre includes data sourcing, systematic reviews, and scientometrics. Interested in the process of bridging the various methods required for causal demographics.


Saul Newman

Research Associate. Research on kin selection and networks, agronomy, and the evolution of ageing.

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Associate Members

Co-Leader Programme 2: 

Environmental Context,

Demography & Climate Change

David Hendry, Kt, FBA

Co-Leader Programme 2: 

Environmental Context,

Demography & Climate Change

Christiaan Monden

Professor of Economics, Co-director Climate Econometrics (Oxford). Research spans econometric methods, theory, and modelling, computing, applications, forecasting.

Professor, Head of Department of Sociology (Oxford). Research spans

family size, inequality, wellbeing, mortality, marriage patterns.

Co-Leader Programme 3: Inequality & Diversity

John Ermisch, FBA

Professor Family Sociology (Oxford). Editor Population Studies. Research spans family economics, intergenerational transfers and transmission.

Co-Leader Programme 3: Inequality & Diversity

Jan O. Jonsson

Professor Sociology (Oxford). Research spans intergenerational processes, children’s wellbeing, educational inequality, migration and ethnic integration

Co-Leader Programme 3: Inequality & Diversity

Nan Dirk de Graaf

Professor Sociology (Oxford). Research spans social stratification, educational attainment, social mobility, political sociology, religion

Co-Leader Programme 4: Sociogenomics

Augustine Kong

Professor Statistical Genetics (Oxford). Research spans statistics, molecular genetics, parent-child genetic data, methodology, statistical development

Co-Leader Programme 4: Sociogenomics

Cecilia Lindgren

Professor Molecular Genetics, Big Data Institute (Oxford). Research spans large-scale genetic datasets, sex differences, obesity.

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Co-Leader Programme 4: Sociogenomics

Simon Myers

Professor Mathematical Genomics & Bioinformatics (Oxford). Research spans population and evolutionary genetics, bioinformatics, stochastic methods, reproductive biology.

Co-Leader Programme 5: Causality


Breen, FBA

Professor Sociology (Oxford). Research spans causality, statistical methods, education, inequality and mobility.

Robin Evans

Robin Evans

Associate Professor Statistics (Oxford). Research spans data linkage, graphical models, causal inference, latent variable models, algebraic statistics

Max Roser

Co-Leader Programme 7:

Ethics, Truth & Trust

Bent Nielsen

Professor of Econometrics (Oxford) Research spans time series, outlier detection, forecasting with age-period-cohort model

Max Roser

Senior Research Fellow (Oxford), Our World in Data. Research spans economic inequality, data visualization, Sustainable Development Goals

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Co-Leader Programme 6:

Society & Sustainability

Madeline Sumption 


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Director Migration Observatory (Oxford), member UK government Migration Advisory Committee. Research spans migration statistics, drivers international migration.

Co-Leader Programme 7:

Ethics, Truth & Trust

David Kirk

Andrew Stephen

Professor Sociology (Oxford). Research spans demography of crime, experimental research, quantitative methods, urban sociology.

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L’Oréal Professor of Marketing (Oxford). Marketing expert, research spans technology, digital and social media, consumer behaviour.

Luciano Floridi

Co-Leader Programme 7:

Ethics, Truth & Trust



Professor Philosophy of Ethics of Information, Director Digital Ethics Lab (Oxford). Research spans information and computer ethics, philosophy of technology

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Co Leader 

Programme 1:

Digital & Computational Science



Janine Aron

University Lecturer (Cambridge). Research spans geography, historical demographer, infant, early child and maternal mortality and fertility in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Senior Research Fellow, INET (OMS), (Oxford). Research spans monetary and exchange rate policy, macroeconomics and financial stability, mainly but not only in the emerging market context.

John Muellbauer

Professor of Economics and Senior Research Fellow at Nuffield College and INET (OMS), (Oxford). Evidence-based research in macroeconomics, household behaviour and housing, with a focus on interactions between financial markets and the real economy.



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