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Professor Melinda Mills, Director at LCDS


 COVID-19 Research

Our Director, Professor Melinda Mills on BBC2 Newsnight (7 April) sharing her views on concerns about a link between the risk of rare blood clots and the Oxford Astrazenca COVID-19 vaccine. 

People get in a car and think it’s low risk as they’re in control. And they think GM, food preservatives and vaccines, which they are unrelated to, as high risk. Actually it's the reverse, she says.


 Watch at 6.45 min

Sky News

Here’s our Deputy Director Professor Jennifer Dowd, also Chief Scientific Officer of @DearPandemic, on Sky News. She’s asked if precautions companies are taking to entice customers back into their premises, such as chair cleaning between clients in salons, protect us from COVID-19 or are pointless. 

Professor Dowd says she agrees with the term ‘hygiene theatre’… measures that make us feel safe, but achieve little else. Recent US data shows there is only a 1 in 10,000 chance of catching COVID-19 from contact with surfaces. The far greater risk is breathing in contaminated airborne particles (broadcast 7 May).


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