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Professor Melinda Mills, Director at LCDS


 COVID-19 Research

Our Director, Professor Melinda Mills on BBC2 Newsnight (7 April) sharing her views on concerns about a link between the risk of rare blood clots and the Oxford Astrazenca COVID-19 vaccine. 

People get in a car and think it’s low risk as they’re in control. And they think GM, food preservatives and vaccines, which they are unrelated to, as high risk. Actually it's the reverse, she says.


 Watch at 6.45 min

The Financial Times

With worries circulating about the risk of blood clots possibly linked with a COVID-19 vaccine, our Director Professor Melinda Mills wrote this opinion piece on public perception of risk. It alters in times of uncertainty, such as a pandemic.

'If you take the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, you have a 99.9996% chance of not developing a clot,' she wrote.

Read the article here.


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