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Professor Melinda Mills, Director at LCDS


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Covid passports could work – but coercion is doomed to fail

Our Director, Professor Melinda Mills wrote this Opinion piece in The Guardian

"There is a risk that a mandatory Covid pass will be seen as coercive, fuelling greater mistrust around vaccines. Requiring an ID card or passport to enter a football match or nightclub could fuel suspicion for those against the use of Covid certification," she writes

Published 2 August 2021


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Sky News

Here’s our Deputy Director Professor Jennifer Dowd, also Chief Scientific Officer of @DearPandemic, on Sky News. She’s asked if precautions companies are taking to entice customers back into their premises, such as chair cleaning between clients in salons, protect us from COVID-19 or are pointless. 

Professor Dowd says she agrees with the term ‘hygiene theatre’… measures that make us feel safe, but achieve little else. Recent US data shows there is only a 1 in 10,000 chance of catching COVID-19 from contact with surfaces. The far greater risk is breathing in contaminated airborne particles (broadcast 7 May).