Romola Davenport

Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure

Romola is an historical demographer and geographer with degrees in history and biology, a PhD in plant biophysics and an MSc in demography.


Her research spans health geographies, historical demography, history of public health, urbanisation, historical epidemiology, infectious diseases in European societies c.1600 - 1945.  


She uses innovative multidisciplinary approaches from demography, history, geography (Geographical Information Systems) and evolutionary biology to understand the early stages of the mortality transition, and the evolution of social inequalities in health and mortality.  






    (See a full list of publications here) 

    Mortality, migration and epidemiological change in English cities, 1600–1870

    Davenport, RJ

    International Journal of Paleopathology

    16 June 2021

    Urbanisation and mortality in Britain c.1800-1850

    Davenport, R.J

    Economic History Review

    21 February 2020