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Ridhi Kashyap

Professor of Demography and Computational Social Science (Oxford)

LCDS Co-Leader Programme 1: Digital & Computational Science


My research spans different topics in demography and sociology, including questions linked to mortality and health, gender inequality, marriage and family, and migration and ethnicity. I am broadly interested in exploring how social inequalities interact with demographic processes, and how different methodological approaches and quantitative data sources can be used to measure and understand these interactions.

In a significant line of research emerging from my doctoral work, I examine the demographic implications of one of the most striking expressions of gender inequality — son preference. I am interested in both the postnatal manifestations of son preference in the form of gender gaps in mortality and health, as well as in the prenatal manifestations in the form of sex-selective abortion and sex ratio at birth distortions. I am also interested in thinking about the long-term implications of son preference and sex ratio distortions for population dynamics. In the areas of family demography, I have been studying the relationship between educational expansion, gender norms, and marriage and partnership patterns in different contexts. I have also worked on topics of ethnicity and migration, and explored demographic characteristics and social attitudes of ethnic minorities in Britain. 

As co-leader of the strand on digital and computational demography at the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science, I am working to advance the use and applications of digital and computational innovations in social research, and examine the implications of digital technologies on demographic and development outcomes. I am interested in how digital and computational innovations, both as a set of models (e.g agent-based models, microsimulation, machine learning) and new types of data sources (e.g digital trace data), can contribute to social science.  A recurring substantive topic of interest is how, where and when technological changes affect social change and reshape social norms, and how ‘online’ and ‘offline’ inequalities interact.



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    Analysing global professional gender gaps using LinkedIn advertising data

    Ridhi Kashyap & Florianne C. J. Verkroost

    EPJ Data Science

    28 July 2021

    Digital Traces of Sexualities: Understanding the Salience of Sexual Identity through Disclosure on Social Media

    Connor Gilroy, Ridhi Kashyap

    Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World

    22 July 2021

    Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality - using big data for insights into the gender digital divide for girls: A discussion paper

    Ridhi Kashyap


    29 June 2021

    Reliance on scientists and experts during an epidemic: Evidence from the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy

    Pietro Battiston, Ridhi Kashyap, Valentina Rotondi

    SSM - Population Health

    2 February 2021

    Estimating the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic on mortality, life expectancy and lifespan inequality in England and Wales: a population-level analysis

    Jose Manuel Aburto, Ridhi Kashyap, Jonas Schöley, Colin Angus, John Ermisch, Melinda C Mills, Jennifer Beam Dowd

    Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health

    24 January 2021

    The Internetization of International Migration

    Luca Maria Pesando, Valentina Rotondi, Manuela Stranges, Ridhi Kashyap, Francesco C. Billari

    Population and Development Review

    1 December 2020

    Demographic change and increasing late singlehood in East Asia, 2010–2050

    Albert Esteve, Ridhi Kashyap, Joan Garcia Roman, Yen-Hsin Alice Cheng, Setsuya Fukuda, Wanli Nie, Hyun-ok Lee

    Demographic Research

    26 November 2020

    Gender Discrimination and Excess Female Under-5 Mortality in India: A New Perspective Using Mixed-Sex Twins

    Behrman, J., & Kashyap, R.


    24 September 2020

    Monitoring global digital gender inequality using the online populations of Facebook and Google

    Kashyap, R., Fatehkia, M., Al Tamime, R., & Weber, I

    Demographic Research

    7 September 2020

    Leveraging mobile phones to attain sustainable development

    Rotondi, V., Kashyap, R., Pesando, L. M., Spinelli, S., & Billari, F. C.

    PNAS: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117 (24) 13413-13420

    15 June 2020

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