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Rachel Ganly

DPhil Student

I am a first-year DPhil student in Sociology at the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science. My research interests are social stratification, family formation, work-family conflict and other topics in social demography more broadly.


My DPhil project is supported by the Leverhulme Trust Biopsychosocial Doctoral Scholarship Programme, ‘Moving Beyond Inequality’, which aims to reduce the impact of social disadvantages on children’s life chances.


My research examines the impact of exposure to COVID-19 during pregnancy on early life outcomes using linked administrative data from Sweden and Finland. I investigate (1) whether exposure to the pandemic impacted birth outcomes, (2) whether these effects were time-sensitive, and (3) whether and why the effects of COVID-19 exposure in-utero differed by parental socio-economic status or other socio-demographic characteristics.


Prior to my DPhil studies, I spent several years working for PathFinders in Hong Kong, an organization which assists domestic workers during pregnancy and childbirth. I hold an MPhil in Social Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and BSc in Mathematics from the University of Bath. 


Recent publications, prior to joining the LCDS

*denotes equal authorship

*Cruz, C. J. P., Ganly, R., Gietel-Basten, S., Li, Z. (2020).  Exploring the young demographic profile of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong:  Evidence from migration and travel history data. PLoS One15(6):e0235306. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0235306.

Li, Z., Ganly, R., Cruz, C. J. P., Cheung, T.H., Gietel-Basten, S. (Forthcoming) “Population Policies in East Asia and Oceania.” in International Handbook of Population Policies, edited by John May.  Springer.

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