• Daisy Mallabar

New preprint published on medRxiv: Estimating Variation of COVID-19 infection in the Population

A new preprint by Richard Breen (Department of Sociology and Nuffield College, Oxford) and John Ermisch (Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science and Nuffield College, Oxford) has been published on medRxiv: "Estimating Variation of COVID-19 infection in the Population: Results from Understanding Society (UKHLS) first monthly COVID-19 survey".

The analysis in this paper uses the new Understanding Society COVID-19 survey. The key advantage of these data is that they allow an examination of infection rates for people with particular characteristics. Breen and Ermisch study how reported symptoms vary in the population and relate reported symptoms to a positive COVID-19 test in the small sample in the survey who were tested.

Read the full paper on medRxiv: