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Maria Gargiulo and the Human Rights Data Analysis Group Awarded 2021 Rafto Prize

Maria Gargiulo, an MPhil student in Sociology and Demography at Nuffield College, was awarded a prestigious human rights prize as a member of the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, whose motto is, "Statisticians for Human Rights." The 2021 Rafto Prize, given to recognize exemplary efforts in human rights, was presented to the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, in recognition of their work in furthering efforts to bring justice, particularly to marginalized populations, through data science.

Photo: Ingvild Festervoll Melien/the Rafto Foundation

As part of their work to uncover human rights violations, the Human Rights Data Analysis Team has worked on efforts related to United States criminal justice and police reform, and helped to illustrate the issues with predictive policing. Recently, Maria has been involved in violence-prevention efforts, in particular the desegregation of conflict-related sexual violence with the Repertoires of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict (RSVAC) data package.

To learn more about the Rafto Prize, visit the Rafto Foundation, where you can also read more about their tremendous efforts in the field of human rights.


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