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Legacy of Demography at Oxford

Oxford University and Nuffield College are the ideal setting for a world-leading demographic centre reinforced by its leading academics, global outreach and tradition of interdisciplinary research.

Oxford has a prestigious legacy in demography, from 1693 when Edmond Halley published the first life table to 1945 with Patrick Leslie’s ‘Leslie matrix’ and former Nuffield College’s Warden Sir David Cox’s 1972 pivotal extension of regression models for life tables.

Demography at Oxford flourishes across multiple departments and interdisciplinary colleges. The Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science brings together the demographic ecosystem and top minds in Oxford, Cambridge and the best international Demographic Centres to accelerate and disrupt the discipline. Interdisciplinary by its nature, it will unite an unprecedented number of disciplines, departments and Institutions including: sociology, economics, statistics, Big Data Institute, molecular genetics, biology, Oxford Martin and Saïd Business Schools, Oxford Internet Institute, philosophy, and in Cambridge, geography and history.


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