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Joseph Millard

Postdoctoral researcher

Joe is a postdoctoral researcher in crowdsourced data collection at the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science, working within the ERC Advanced Grant CHRONO.

His research interests are interdisciplinary in nature, at the intersect of culturomics, computational ecology, conservation biology, and the effects of climate and biodiversity change on human populations. Joe also has a broad interest in statistical programming, data visualisation, web-scraping, and text-mining.

Joe recently completed a PhD at UCL, researching the causes and consequences of global pollinator biodiversity change, and online metrics of public biodiversity awareness. In particular Joe led the development of the Species Awareness Index (SAI), a new metric of biodiversity awareness derived from Wikipedia page views. He also led a team of researchers in investigating the effects of land-use intensity on local pollinator biodiversity, using a set of global space-for-time models.


Prior to his PhD, Joe worked at UNEP-WCMC (UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre) developing R Shiny apps for the cleaning of wildlife trade data, and at Springer Nature in manuscript assignment, review, and decisions. Joe also has an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation (2015) and a BSc in Zoology (2014)—both from the University of Leeds—with a specialty in marine mammal satellite telemetry analyses.

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