In the upcoming period, we will be advertising for a: 

  • Associate Professor (permanent),

  • Programmer (5 years in first instance), 

  • Research Facilitator (5 years in first instance),

  • Financial Administrator (5 years in first instance),

  • Communications and Knowledge Exchange (5 years in first instance).

Each year we will also advertise postdoctoral positions and student scholarships in addition to varied academic staff. 

We welcome applications for visiting scholars

Student Scholarships

Each year we will offer a series of student scholarships for a combined Masters (MPhil) and PhD (DPhil) study and standalone PhD (DPhil) scholarships associated with the centre.

This year we will be offering 2 student scholarships. Scholarships cover all University and Tuition Fees, a small living allowance, computer and yearly travel budget. 



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