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Bo Zhao

Postdoctoral Researcher

Bo completed a PhD in Computer Science and Informatics in 2016 at Cardiff University and worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre (Respiratory) supporting clinical studies on respiratory diseases before joining the University of Oxford and LCDS.

He previously worked on several multi-disciplinary projects including national and regional COVID-19 related studies, breathomics sample collection and analysis and mass-spectrometry workflow automation.

His current research interests lie primarily in semantic and sentiment text analysis, robust and dynamic data management, data visualisation and prediction, and gamifications in research studies.




  • International Association of Breath Research Breath Summit, Loughborough 2019. A proposed data standard for breath sample data and metadata

  • East Midlands Breathomics Pathology Node Symposium, Leicester 2019. A proposed data standard for breath sample data and metadata


  •  Symposium on Informatics for Stratified Medicine and Biomarker Discovery, Manchester 2018. Understanding the role of volatile organic compounds as biomarkers in breath. Co-presenting with Luke Bryant

  • International Association of Breath Research Breath Summit, Maastricht 2018, LabPipe: A Modular Informatics Toolkit for Sample Collection and Data Integration



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 PUBLICATIONS 2015-2020 (before joining the LCDS)

  • Wilde, M., Zhao, B., Cordell, R., Ibrahim, W., Singapuri, A., Greening, N., Brightling, C., Siddiqui, S., Monks, P. and Free, R., 2020. Automating and Extending Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Data Processing by Interfacing Open-Source and Commercial Software. Analytical Chemistry, 92(20), pp.13953-13960.

  • Zhao, B., Bryant, L., Cordell, R., Wilde, M., Salman, D., Ruszkiewicz, D., Ibrahim, W., Singapuri, A., Coats, T., Gaillard, E., Beardsmore, C., Suzuki, T., Ng, L., Greening, N., Thomas, P., Monks, P., Brightling, C., Siddiqui, S. and Free, R., 2020. LabPipe: an extensible bioinformatics toolkit to manage experimental data and metadata. BMC Bioinformatics, 21(1).

  • Wilde, M., Cordell, R., Salman, D., Zhao, B., Ibrahim, W., Bryant, L., Ruszkiewicz, D., Singapuri, A., Free, R., Gaillard, E., Beardsmore, C., Thomas, C., Brightling, C., Siddiqui, S. and Monks, P., 2019. Breath analysis by two-dimensional gas chromatography with dual flame ionisation and mass spectrometric detection – Method optimisation and integration within a large-scale clinical study. Journal of Chromatography A, 1594, pp.160-172.

  • Ibrahim, W., Wilde, M., Cordell, R., Salman, D., Ruszkiewicz, D., Bryant, L., Richardson, M., Free, R., Zhao, B., Yousuf, A., White, C., Russell, R., Jones, S., Patel, B., Awal, A., Phillips, R., Fowkes, G., McNally, T., Foxon, C., Bhatt, H., Peltrini, R., Singapuri, A., Hargadon, B., Suzuki, T., Ng, L., Gaillard, E., Beardsmore, C., Ryanna, K., Pandya, H., Coates, T., Monks, P., Greening, N., Brightling, C., Thomas, P. and Siddiqui, S., 2019. Assessment of breath volatile organic compounds in acute cardiorespiratory breathlessness: a protocol describing a prospective real-world observational study. BMJ Open, 9(3), p.e025486.

  • Spasić, I., Zhao, B., Jones, C. and Button, K., 2015. KneeTex: an ontology–driven system for information extraction from MRI reports. Journal of Biomedical Semantics, 6(1).

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